On-Site Inspection and Commissioning

DanGrid has extensive experience in participating in site inspections and commissioning, to ensure both the quality of the installation work as well as the functional quality expected of the plant.

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About On-Site Inspection and Commissioning

At DanGrid, we have extensive experience in carrying out site inspections and commissioning. Our employees have carried out countless projects spanning major construction projects, such as power plants and wind farms, development projects and minor development and maintenance projects.
DanGrid’s employees often participate in site inspections and commissioning of all types of electrical systems, both low-voltage and high-voltage systems, rotating machines, transformers, switch gears, control panels, protective relay panels, etc. This ensures a critical assessment and testing in relation to the deliveries of the purchased equipment so that both function and quality are guaranteed.
DanGrid’s employees also participate in routine testing and fault localization of systems in connection with breakdowns and incidents, where we ensure that a proper replacement or adjustment is performed correctly to restore operation of the system.

High Quality

At DanGrid, we take pride in ensuring a high quality in your project. We leverage our unique experience and contribute to the high-quality and timely execution of site work.

Our Specialties

Grid Connection of Wind Farms/Power-Generating Units

DanGrid consists of experts on design and development of high-voltage substations for and grid connection of wind farms, power plants and other power-generating units. Developing project-specific, optimum solutions for the entire lifetime of the plant requires specialists – DanGrid is happy to help you all the way.

Project/Package Management

DanGrid has broad experience in specifying, negotiating and carrying out client contracts and deliveries, e.g. in connection with high-voltage substations, high-voltage and medium-voltage components, generators, transformers, cables, etc.

Electrical Engineering and System Design

DanGrid has a wide range of skills and experience with designing electrical systems (1000V < Voltage > 1000V).

Managing the Electrical Safety on Your High-Voltage Systems

DanGrid disposes of personnel ready to manage electrical safety, switching and commissioning of your high-voltage system.