Managing Electrical Safety on Your High-Voltage Installations

DanGrid disposes of personnel ready to manage electrical safety, switching and commissioning of your high-voltage systems.

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On Managing Electrical Safety on Your High-Voltage Installations

As the owner of an electrical system you are responsible for the safe operation of the system.
The requirements for safety are set out in local laws and regulations. The functional roles required in the ordinance for the safe operation of electrical installations must be adhered to in Denmark and cannot be dispensed with.
At DanGrid, we possess the skills to perform a number of functional roles as required in the ordinance. Thus, we can contribute to compliance with the safety rules.
We can perform functional roles such as:


The supervisor is an expert and prior to the start of any work at the installation, the supervisor must plan the work procedure and carry out a risk assessment.

Switching manager

The switching manager is an expert and must manage switching and operation mode of the high-voltage system, including switching in connection with work on or in the vicinity of high-voltage systems.

Team Leader

The team leader is an expert and can manage and perform supervision at a work site.

Switching person

The switching person is an expert and performs switching of the high-voltage system in cooperation with and at the request of the switching manager.

Safety person

A qualified person in a work team assigned by the team leader and responsible for specific inspection, including compliance with the safety distance.

Operations Manager

As the operations manager, you may enter into a contractor agreement with DanGrid on the execution of operational and work-related procedures as part of the operation of your plant.
Several of DanGrid’s employees are certified operational managers by the Danish Safety Technology Authority.
Thus, following the signing of an agreement, we can carry out procedures as part of the operation of your electrical system.

Our Specialties

Grid Connection of Wind Farms/Power-Generating Units

DanGrid consists of experts on design and development of high-voltage substations for and grid connection of wind farms, power plants and other power-generating units. Developing project-specific, optimum solutions for the entire lifetime of the plant requires specialists – DanGrid is happy to help you all the way.

Project/Package Management

DanGrid has broad experience in specifying, negotiating and carrying out client contracts and deliveries, e.g. in connection with high-voltage substations, high-voltage and medium-voltage components, generators, transformers, cables, etc.

Electrical Engineering and System Design

DanGrid has a wide range of skills and experience with designing electrical systems (1000V < Voltage > 1000V).

On-Site Inspection and Commissioning

DanGrid has extensive experience in participating in site inspections and commissioning, to ensure both the quality of the installation work as well as the functional quality expected of the plant.