Electrical Engineering and System Design

DanGrid has a wide range of skills and experience in designing electrical installations (1000V < Voltage > 1000V).

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Electrical Engineering and System Design

DanGrid’s engineers are specialists in electrical installations within the areas of wind power and power plants as well as in general within the electric power and energy industry. DanGrid’s engineers have many years of experience and all-round professional skills. Get professional advice and contact us to learn more from one of our specialists.

Maturation, Development, Design, Arrangement and Layout

At DanGrid, we make our own thorough feasibility studies so that you can start off your design phase on a correct basis, thus minimizing your risks.

Protection Systems

DanGrid has broad and extensive experience with the design of protection systems at both distribution and transmission level as well as on-site testing/commissioning.

Fault analysis and diagnostics

DanGrid has vast experience in fault analysis and root-cause analysis.


DanGrid consists of experts in transient studies and analyses.
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High-Voltage Components – Design Specifications, Testing and Commissioning

Select, specify and purchase your high-voltage components tailored to the system, security of energy supply, maintenance intervals, lifetime, mean time between failures (MTBF) and other factors.

Earthing systems

Dimensioning of earthing/bonding system along with selection of proper system grounding is vital for a reliable and robust electrical installation.

PD measurements and analysis

DanGrid has extensive experience in PD measurements and analysis of electrical machines.

DIgSILENT Power Factory

DanGrid employs experts in static and dynamic design studies as well as grid compliance studies.
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Our Specialties

Grid Connection of Wind Farms/Power-Generating Units

DanGrid consists of experts on design and development of high-voltage substations for and grid connection of wind farms, power plants and other power-generating units. Developing project-specific, optimum solutions for the entire lifetime of the plant requires specialists – DanGrid is happy to help you all the way.

Project/Package Management

DanGrid has broad experience in specifying, negotiating and carrying out client contracts and deliveries, e.g. in connection with high-voltage substations, high-voltage and medium-voltage components, generators, transformers, cables, etc.

On-Site Inspection and Commissioning

DanGrid has extensive experience in participating in site inspections and commissioning, to ensure both the quality of the installation work as well as the functional quality expected of the plant.

Managing the Electrical Safety on Your High-Voltage Systems

DanGrid disposes of personnel ready to manage electrical safety, switching and commissioning of your high-voltage system.